Choosing The Best Pet Health Insurance

When you’re trying to find the best pet health insurance policy for your dog, you’re bound to have a LOT of questions. After all, there’s a lot to consider!

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The pet health insurance industry is relatively new to the US, but it’s seeing phenomenal growth as more and more dog owners realize the huge benefits it can offer.

Veterinary costs have risen dramatically over the past decade, and are projected to continue to go up for some time to come.

So, finding a way to afford the big vet bills that can come with injuries, accidents, serious illness or surgery is important for everyone who shares their life with a pet.

A good pet health insurance policy can do just that.

How To Find The Best Health Insurance For Your Dog

One of the most important things you can do is….. research! There are now several excellent pet health insurance companies and they all offer different prices and options.

There’s generally no ‘one-size-fits-all’ plan, because every dog is a unique individual.

Breed, age, overall health, your financial situation, and even your location, can affect your choices.

Purebred dogs tend to have breed-specific health issues and Rottweilers are not one of the most economical (or long-lived) breeds to own unfortunately.

You need to read the ‘fine print’ on any/all policies that you consider. It’s important to know exactly what is, and is not, covered by the policy you choose, as well as how much your monthly deductible will be, and what the caps (or upper limits) are on claims.

To make it easier, I’ve put together a pet health insurance plan comparison chart. I’ve chosen three companies which I personally feel offer some of the best pet options/plans.

There’s something for everyone here….

Pet Health Insurance Comparison Chart


Trupanion Embrace QuickCare
Types of Cover One comprehensive plan (accident/illness). Optional add-on for hip dysplasia & more Comprehensive Customizable Plans (accident/illness). ‘Wellness Rewards Plan’. 3 Comprehesive or Accident Only.
Reimbursement After Deductible 90% co-pay Up to 90% co-pay depending on plan Up to 100% depending on plan
Choice of Veterinarian (Network?) No network. Choose any Vet or Specialist you want. No network. Choose any Vet or Specialist you want. No network. Choose any Vet or Specialist you want.
Payout Limitations No limits, per incident, per year or over pet’s lifetime. No lifetime or per-incident limits Unlimited for accidents on all plans. Limited for illness on lowest-tier comprehensive plan.
Cost From around $25 per month From around $28 per month From around $27 per month
Discounts Available Discounts for pets who are spayed/neutered and pets with microchips Discounts for multiple pets, pets who are microchipped, and registered medical service pets
Additional Information Coverage available for: congenital, genetic and breed-specific conditions.Also for chronic or recurring conditions. Additional coverage for: hip dysplasia, alternative therapies/treatment & more. Coverage available for: congenital, genetic and breed-specific conditions. Also for cancer, chronic conditions and many alternative therapies. Coverage available for: some alternaive treatments, plus some chronic or hereditary defects. Surcharge for ‘Select Breeds’ (includes Rottweilers).


Best Pet Health Insurance For Rottweilers

Rottweilers have a tendency towards developing hip dysplasia, cruciate ligament injuries, entropion & ectropion (eyelid problems), certain cancers, kidney problems and heart problems.

When you’re comparing health insurance plans for your Rottie, it makes sense to choose a plan that covers as many of these issues as possible.

One other thing to remember is that big dogs usually take the ‘large’ or ‘extra-large’ size/dose of everything… including medications, anesthesia and so ¬†on. If your Rottweiler gets injured, or has surgery, it’s going to cost a fair bit to get him on the road to recovery.

Before you start looking into plans and policies, I’d recommend taking a look at this page… All About Health Insurance For My Dog

It has loads of information about pet health insurance, and tips and advice to help you make a more informed choice.

You’ll also find a list of questions that you should ask before you sign on the dotted line.

Most pet health insurance websites will provide estimated veterinary costs for some of the most common canine injuries and illnesses, plus info. on the costs and benefits of insuring your dog.

Embrace Health Insurance has a page on their site devoted to the specific needs of Rottweilers, you can check it out here Rottweiler Pet Insurance

Click on any of the banners below to go directly to the website of the individual companies to learn more….

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