by premsesar

my sesar

my sesar

my sesar

my sesar

my sesar

Rottweiler i used to call hm sesar. when he came to my home i literally scared of him, but day by day sesar understand me very well before i’m saying something sesar understand it and do it faster than me such a smart boy my sesar he is.

i loved him more than anyone in this world really he loved me very much everyday sesar take his chain and come to me through to my bedroom, sesar hold my hand in his teeth and throughly sesar will go to gate and saying me come we we will go to walk like that.

whenever sesar is hungry he would come straight to my room, jumped on me and hold finger in his teeth straightly go through kitchen and i’ll serve him.

sesar he was best friend of me in my life really i love sesar that much, sesar makes me that much happy. when i’m with sesar my heart is not with me.

now my sesar passed away yesterday, i feel like dying. sesar i missed u till i die sesar really i’m mising u sesar

Premsesar – I’m so very sorry for your loss of Sesar, you obviously loved him very much and he loved you the same way. He looks like a beautiful and intelligent boy, and I know how much you must miss him. The pain will get easier to bear I promise. All dog owners who have lost a beloved pet know your pain. You gave Sesar your love and he had a good life because of it. He’s now at the Rainbow Bridge where life is good for him. I hope you can remember him with less sadness soon.</i.

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