rottweiler neuturing?

We have a 6 month rottweiler alfie, who is beautifully natured and does as he’s told, but have read that he shouldn’t be neutured until he’s at least 18 months old as it will stunt his growth, also read that it’s not true as it’s all about genetics, so am confused at what to do for the best,

If we leave it too long it can cause health problems and if we do it too early it can stunt his growth, there seems to be different views on this and especially on the breed, can you please help in clarifying. thank you.

I’m not a vet so the answer I’m giving you is based on my years of personal experience and the information that I’ve gleaned over this time.

I’ve never seen neutering ‘stunt the growth’ of a dog, Rottweiler or any other breed. The adult size of your pup is determined by a combination of genetics, nutrition and general health care. It has nothing to do with whether or not he’s been neutered.

It is however true that if you neuter a pup early (preferably before 6 months of age, but even if your pup is past that age the younger he is the better) that it can significantly reduce his risk of reproductive organ diseases including cancer. It’s the very best way to protect him from these risks.

Personally I’d recommend that you make an appointment to have him neutered as soon as you can. As long as he is kept healthy and gets a nutritious diet and adequate exercise, his development or growth won’t be affected by this minor surgery. But his future health and longevity will benefit.

It sounds as though he’s a wonderful puppy and I wish you all the best with him.

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Sep 09, 2010
by: James – Michigan

I have a four month old Rott,the breeder told me to have him neutered no earlier than 6 months.She gave me the impression that it would have no negative effects on mood or size.I Will still talk to my vet in 2 months to see what he says.

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