my male rott puppy is 9 weeks old and has half erect ears its it normal

by zain

he 9 weeks and was born a bit smaller than other, was last to be born and i think he’s a bit under weight and thing is he has half perked ears..

so is it normal….will they come down with time…..?

please help me out

Hi Zain
Rottweiler puppy ears should be folded over, but occasionally they can fly up, or fold incorrectly especially when a puppy is teething.

However, I’d take a look at the parent dogs and make sure their ears have the proper ‘set’. These types of traits are genetic and if the mom or dad has flyaway or incorrectly set ears then this puppy could have them too.

However, it’s much more important that he’s healthy than how his ears sit. He needs the right nutrition, vet care and lots of love and attention. Check out my Best Puppy Food page and my Taking Care Of A Puppy pages for more help with these things.

Best of luck with your puppy.

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