my dog is not eating and is only drinking a bit of water, he is weak

by keith

Since yesterday my male dog stopped eating he usually scoffs down his food but he has stopped eating, he is weak, sleeps a lot doesn’t move much just his head but only sometimes.

I have to fill up ice-cream containers and take water to him sometimes he has it but then again sometimes he turns his head away. we gave him a small amount of cheese trying to see if he would eat anything and he did he ate some cheese but he isn’t interested in anything else.

Hi Keith
Your dog is obviously not feeling well at all, poor guy!

If he’s up to date on all his vaccinations, then hopefully these are not the beginning signs of a serious illness. However, there are all sorts of other possible reasons for his symptoms – including the possibility of poisoning (him having got into something toxic), an injury (not necessarily visible to the naked eye), or an infection, virus etc.

Only your veterinarian can make an accurate diagnosis and I strongly recommend that you get your dog to your vet just as quickly as you can. If he’s not eating and barely drinking he’s in danger of dehydration on top of whatever it is that is making him sick.

These symptoms indicate that he’s feeling very unwell and he needs help, so please get him to a vet asap.

I wish you both lots of luck and hope he’s feeling much better soon.

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Nov 04, 2011
by: Captain Nancy

He may have a blockage in his intestines.
Please go to the Vet promto and see if you need x-rays.

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  1. Hi there my 9 yr old German purebred rotti has all of a sudden gone off his food drinks alot and sleeps when i call him he usually comes straight away but he now doesnt he is usually very close to me he loves his pats but now worried he may have been poisoned he has recently had cooked chicken i gave him a marrow bone and now he barely ate his chicken and drinks water ever time he gets up which is not often i have fans running on him and he just sleeps now i dont have no at to get him to a vet please help
    I suffer mental illness and need my best friend by my side

  2. Hi can i Ask how your dogs are doing right niw and what the problem was i realtime need an answe my dog had a similair problem and i cant find any vets near me

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