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My name is Dr. Winnie. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Duke University, a Masters of Science in Biology from St Georges University, and graduated from the University of Pretoria Veterinary School in South Africa. I have been an animal lover and owners all my life having owned a Rottweiler named Duke, a Pekingese named Athena and now a Bull Mastiff named George, also known as big G! I'm also an amateur equestrian and love working with horses. I'm a full-time Veterinarian in South Africa specializing in internal medicine for large breed dogs. I enjoy spending time with my husband, 2 kids and Big G in my free time. Author and Contribturor at SeniorTailWaggers, A Love of Rottweilers, DogsCatsPets and TheDogsBone


  1. This is my 5th Rottie. He is almost 3 and we’re doing agility competition, which he loves and rally. The one thing that really concerns me is that he is still lunging aggressively at cars, but only sometimes. at least half the time he ignores them, but then he’ll take me by surpise and jump and lunge very aggressively. I have tried everthing…believe me. And have gone to many trainers. I avoid walking him in my neighborhood now because I don’t want neighbors to see this, plus it’s dangerous for both of us. He also lunges at joggers coming toward us, but I can at least understand that better. He has never shown fear for anything, so I don’t think it’s fear based. He has been socialized and trained since a pup and I train him, literally, every single day…we work and play constantly. Otherwise he is just a sweetheart.

  2. Thirty years ago I had a relationship with a Breeder in Stuttgart Germany that produced the most beautiful “Red” Rotties. I used them in my training program for personal protection, Security, and the Law Enforcement arenas. It concerns me that people are saying that Reds are an anomaly that is unhealthy and should not be bred for. This may be the case today but when I was training, My dogs lines went back 15 generations with the German breed Association. If this has changed since then I am sorry for the breed. My dogs had more endurance and strength than the ones I tried from breeders in the States. Let me know your thoughts, and thanks for listening to my “rant”.

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