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by Peter (Brisbane Australia) Zac is now 6 months old and 34 kilograms. He loves playing and running around with children and being with people. Zac will jump up into our laps for a cuddle, […]

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by Amanda Quattrocchi (London, Ontario, Canada) This is Bronco. He came into our family 2 weeks ago now, and he is already so loved. I’m glad we waited for him and did our research. He […]

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by Melissa Mazzarella (New Jersey) Gunner at 8 weeks old Gunner 3 months old Gunner 4 months old My mom has two female rotts. They are great and have such a great tempermant and since […]

Health Issues

Angelika’s Story

Angelika’s story is the story of one little Rottweiler puppy’s parvo experience… it’s frightening, heart-warming, and eye-opening. Angelika on Christmas Day, before getting sick. Luckily for Angelika it also has a happy ending. But if […]