8 week old puppy collar size?

by Lynn
(New Hampshire)

We are going to be adopting an 8 week old Rottie and want to get a collar prior to picking him up.

What size collar would you recommend for that age?

Hi Lynn
All puppies are different so it’s difficult to say, but you would probably be safe with a small-size collar, a flat nylon one with a buckle is best.

Not the tiny/toy dog size small, but just a regular puppy collar. It’s really best to either measure the pups’ neck, or take him with you when you’re buying his collar, that way you can be sure it’s a good fit. You want to be able to slip two fingers between his neck and the collar, and make sure it doesn’t fasten on the last, or second to last hole – Rottie pups grow FAST and he’ll outgrow it within a week or two if it’s not got a fair bit of growing room!

Congratulations on the upcoming adoption of your new pup. Best of luck with him.

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