wanting to add a new pup

by Dilly’s mom

Hi, I was wondering my boy is going to be a year old in Dec. I want to get a new pup this spring. hoping he won’t be too old to add another pup but wanted him to be better trained.

I felt it would have been to hard raising two young pups at one time.

MY first pup is a male this next one i want to get a girl.

Two pups are definitely a handful and it’s better to get one dog trained and socialized properly before adding another pup. It usually works out better if the new pup is of the opposite sex to the resident dog, so a girl would be a good choice.

But remember, Rotties are slow to mature and even at a year, your male is still very much a pup and will be an adolescent for at least another year. This period can be challenging so you’ll still have your work cut out for you raising a new pup and a ‘teenager’, although not as much work as raising two puppies simultaneously! Best of luck ~Sue

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