Walk in the Blue Mountains with Merlin

by Matthew Grant
(Kingston, Jamaica)

When I adopted my canine son Merlin, everyone asked me where am I going to keep “such a big dog”… I live in a two bedroom town house with little yard space… Merlin is 88lbs of Rottweiler-Labrador mix… but he is such a big baby and believes he is a toy dog! After breakfast he loves to crawl up into my lap (he still thinks he is a puppy) and is my faithful companion.

Of course I take him for walks twice daily and for long runs on the weekends. My only advice for others who want to keep a big dog in a small environment is that you have to remember that your dog is like a human baby… if you don’t love him/her and give them the attention and discipline (with boundaries) that they need then you are better off without kids!

That being said my little big brown bear gives me plenty of love and company and is worth every sacrifice!

You can check out him in the blue-mountains on my Facebook Page:


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