This our Fur baby John!!! :)

by Cesilia Tovar
(Dexter NM)

Hello we are first time owners of a Rottweiler, I have a question we have a two year old Male Rottweiler who is scared of people and everything and is somewhat thin.

The people we got him from said that he is shy at first but will warm up to us later but looks and the way he acts he seemed that he was a abused when we grab the leash he runs away. They even said the reason why he was thin was because he was outside, I just need some helpful tips and training.

He is good with our kids he hasn’t bit or snap which is good but I would like for him to be a normal loving dog!

Please help Thank you!

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Oct 31, 2016
by: Susan

Hi Cesilia. Because your boy is an adult it will take him longer to adjust to his new life than it would for a puppy.

It sounds as though he has a good basic temperament, but has likely been neglected (possibly even abused) in the past and he will need time to learn to trust again.

Lots of love, clear guidelines for behavior, and a consistent daily routine will all help him to feel safe.

He will also need a good, nutritious diet to help him gain weight, but he shouldn’t get fat – it is bad for big dogs like Rottweilers to carry too much weight.

I wouldn’t rush any formal training, let him adjust and learn to trust you first. Simple things like ‘Sit’ are fine, but he may not be emotionally ready for ‘real’ training yet. Be gentle with the leash and let him practice with it at home or in the yard where he feels safe until he’s comfortable wearing it.

There are tons of pages on my website which can help you with all of this.

Hope this helps and I wish you lots of luck. John is a lucky boy to have found his forever home with people who love him 🙂
~ Sue

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