There’s nothing like the faithfulness of a Rottie

by Tina and Steve Burroughs
(Hurricane, WV, Putnam)

Abraham the Faithful

Abraham the Faithful

He is our third Rottie and he has NEVER been a disappointment. Our second Rottie had just passed away and I was bugging my husband to go take a look at these rottie puppies I had found in the paper. My husband was hesitant but finally conceded to go to get me to shut up. He saw a particular puppy that he loved but he was marked with a ribbon so he was taken.

Seeing that he wasn’t interested in any of the other puppies, the breeder called the people who the one was promised to and they said they didn’t mind if we took him.

My husband came home and told us that we didn’t get one but then he went out to the car and came in with beautiful little (well, not so little) Abraham. We were ecstatic to welcome him into our family. We had two other puppies, a Bichon Frise and a pug puggle so what’s one more right???

From the very beginning Abraham has been faithful and true. He is now two years old and our big baby. He protects his brothers and the rest of our family. What a blessing he is!!!

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