Tedd E. Bear (in WA)

by Gene Blackman



I believe that he is the Rott who is supposed to bring balance to the force!

Tedd E. Bear is a beautiful, absolutely tack sharp, Rottweiler (with with the personality of a Jack Russell Terrier). A coiled, muscular spring ready to unwind.

Gene (my husband and a dog trainer of 40 yrs.)and I have rescued with groups for many years, we have named our home ‘The Dog House’. The Dog House residents have the name of ‘The Bear Clan’, each canine has ‘Bear’ tacked onto the end of their name.

Tedd E. and Annie Pooh-Bear in WA

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Nov 28, 2010
Sick …
by: Anonymous

Tedd E. has has an intestinal upset for about 4 days now. He was VERY ill the first night and threw up in his crate bed. The vet put him on antibiotics today with a shot to start it good.

Question … He has always had a loose stool that degenerated as he went. The vet said that it could be genetic. Anyone have this type of experience?

Oct 09, 2010
yet another splendid rottweiler
by: lee castle

oh yes this picture and comments prove yet again this breed is what you make them
you get what you give
love training and a splendid example of a happy well balance dog
tedd e bear is well named

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