tastee treat idea

by Cheryl
(Desert Hot Springs,CA)

I have a rottie and a doberman mix and they both just love to eat yogurt!!! but what a mess, it’s on me, the cabinets, floor and both of them, so I thought there just has to be a better way.

So while I was at the store I bought 5oz paper cups(bathroom)size I fill them half way which equals about a teaspoon for each and freeze them. When frozen I can peel the paper away and cut them into quarters I tell them it is ice cream and no more mess.

I don’t give it to them daily but once in a while they think they are getting something really special and sometimes I buy the plain and cut up my own fruit and mine will eat any kind of fruit especially bananas, watermelon and strawberries which are all good for them.

I also checked with the vet and was told a little yogurt is ok to give them, just do not give them any grapes,raisins,etc… it is toxic for pets.

Love this idea Cheryl. Thanks for sharing 🙂 ~ Sue

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