by Scott Fraser
(Lakewood Wa.)

RCA Victor - Stereo

RCA Victor – Stereo

Strider is my third Rottweiler, so for the last 20 years I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my life, home and family with one of the greatest companions God made.

Strider came to me at the perfect time, I had time to get over the loss of my second Rottweiler-Bear; my wife had rescued an amazing dog from the pound… a one in ten million kind of dog, a Boxer mix named Snoopy. Snoopy is smart, it’s almost like he can read our mind with a heart to please.

Strider came home at six weeks old and Snoopy took him under his wing… paw… and began pouring his wisdom and love into my new friend and I can’t be more thrilled.

This picture is of both Strider and Snoopy… when the picture was taken Snoopy had just turned two and Strider was almost five months.

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