Shoule a puppy sleep outdoors if he wants to?

by Carol
(Birmingham England)

Just had a 18 week old puppy.

Seems to prefer sleeping outside. I am not keen on the idea can u tell me if this us normal.

Many thanks

Hi Carol
It’s unusual for a puppy to want to sleep outdoors away from his family, but as this pup is 4 months old it could be that that is what he’s been used to at his previous home.

I definitely would recommend getting him accustomed to sleeping indoors as it’s safer for him and the more time he spends with his new family the better and faster the bonding process will be.

Rotties are big dogs and can overheat fairly easily, so don’t let your house get too warm at night or that might make him uncomfortable while he adjusts. As it’s winter he’s probably more familiar with being cool if he’s slept outdoors until now.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your new pup.

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Feb 21, 2012
Another reason to sleep indoors NEW
by: Christopher Bayhi

Noticed the poster was from England.

Here in certain cities in the U.S. there’s also the issue of puppy theft. Just something else to consider.

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