by Maria
(Fontana ca )

Hello every one, I have a Rotweiler
Old 4 months , I have for him a personal trainer from K9.

Every one tells me that he’s a danger dog but I don’t know if they talk about the one no trained or not.

So what do you tell me, sure a be aware about my dog.

Is that true thag us danger?

Hi Maria. A well bred and properly raised Rottweiler is NOT a dangerous dog. BUT, if a Rottweiler is allowed to grow up without proper training and socialization, and is not cared for in a loving, firm and knowledgeable way, then he could definitely become a problem – for the owner and others.

This website has LOTS of information on the Rottweiler breed and how to take care of them. I’d recommend reading as much of it as you can so that you know how to raise your puppy the right way. He is depending on you to take care of him and you can only do that if you’re informed about his breed, characteristics, needs and so on.

I wish you both lots of luck!

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