by sam

Roman is age 2, had him since 4 months old.

Great dog but lately when he’s on the lead and my mates try to pat him he goes bite them. He’s fine with family and poeple he knows, is this normal?

What can i do stop him, thanx heaps

Sam – this isn’t the right place for asking questions, but here are a couple of quick links that you might want to check out at you’ll find some tips and advice on dealing with this type of behavior. It’s not okay and you need to make sre Roman knows that, but in a kind firm way without anger. He’s an adult now and is trying to assert his authority, but you need to make it clear that it’s not acceptable. If these links don’t answer your question I’d recommend getting Roman into a formal obedience class or some at-home sessions with a professional dog trainer who can help you learn how to handle this behavior. Best of luck.

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