RIP “Bear”

by Pam
(British Columbia)

Big Bear

Big Bear

Big Bear

Little Bear

Today on New Years Day was a very hard day for my family. My Mom and her husband lost there pride and joy, their 9 and a half year old pure bread Rottie Beary.

We knew something was wrong, he was looking really bad and panting excessively. He wouldn’t even walk back to the house from the shop 🙁 finally around 3:30 we were all very worried so I found an emergency on call vet and Mom rushed him to town. He never came home today, his heart was giving out on him!!

He was such a beautiful animal and I wanted to show him off, the best guard dog when he was guarding, but the sweetest boy with my 1 yr old baby girl.

It’s weird the way the circle of life works because 1 week ago they got “Little Bear” who has fit in quite nicely and Big Bear was so good with him too!!

I think Little Bear knew something because he was sleeping in Big Bears bed when they were gone to the vet today. Needless to say we are devastated but relieved he isn’t suffering…

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