puppy walking – should that be NOT walking!

Why is my rottweiler puppy scared to go for a walk, she just sits and won’t move?

Many puppies are scared of their leash and not at all inclined to walk on it at first. This is perfectly normal.

If you read the page on my site that discusses ways to deal with this problem I think you’ll find the help that you need. You can find it here…. Leash Training A Puppy.

Remember your puppy is just a baby and it takes time, love and patience to teach babies (human or canine) the things you want them to learn.

Best of luck with your Rottie pup.

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Sep 16, 2011
takes time…
by: Judy

I found using a body harness worked for me.. I didn’t feel like I was dragging her while trying to get her to walk..I also did it in the yard several times a day for just a few minutes..sometimes I would drop the leash and just let her walk around with it in the yard.. I would let her sniff a treat and then throw it a few feet in front of her..within weeks the harness was not needed anymore…good luck

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