New to Rottweiler’s World – from Malaysia.

by Suria


I’m a proud owner of a 8 weeks old Rottie. It was NEVER my plan to own a Rottweiler until I met Maya <3 … I fall in love with her, so my hubby.

WE started to read more about this breed & YES.. her level of intelligence made us amused. The 2nd day home she has learnt to use our washroom to do her “business”. That’s incredible!

She has started to bite us ( showing excitement but very gentle with my 6 yrs old son), so now we are showering her with some toys and searching for tricks to avoid all those biting!(ouch!!!).

We are also finding it difficult to feed her the right amount of food. ( that is how I came across this page while searching about the food amount)

Hope we will learn more from here.



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