new born Rottie puppy

by Anna Goodall
(Lewisville, Texas)

I am fostering an abandoned 4 day old puppy.

He is eating a little by bottle and having regular bowel movements and urine output.

I have never been around a puppy so young so any advice that you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

Anna, it sounds as though you’re doing great so far. Getting a really young pup to eat and to eliminate properly is the biggest hurdle. Keeping him warm is the next most important thing.

I’d recommend checking out this page Caring For Newborn Puppies as it has tons of info. that will help you help this little guy 🙂 Lots of luck ~ Sue

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Sep 12, 2015
the best thing since baked beans.. NEW
by: kerry

best you get hot water bottle at hand..also a soft blanket sewn into a bag pouch for when you have to leave wishes little bear..!!

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