My precious life of Bullet

by Antoinette Auglair
(Houston Texas )

My precious bullet is now almost 7yrs old and he’s been wth me since he was bout 9 wks old and it’s been a world of encounters and experiences. Some good some challenging but we’ve got thru it all.

I started a webpage on this site when bullet was a puppy but due 2 my illnesses I’ve been away from updating his profile. I thought since I love my rottie dearly as well as the breed I could help with some useful info about my experiences at least about my rottie Bullet, pics and some other things I’ve learned thru my experiences.

Hi Antoinette. Welcome back 🙂 Bullet is gorgeous and obviously very, very loved. Feel free to share photos here. You can also visit my Rottweiler Community Corner to post information, tips, stories and more.

I’m glad your health is better now. Thanks for sharing. Look forward to seeing more ~ Sue

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