Measurements of puppies at birth (Rottweiler) ?

by Candy
(Ohio, USA)

What is the measurements of a newborn’s neck, body and head?

I have a Rottweiler named Roxanne (Rock) and she will be having her first litter and I make the whelping pads, blankets style pad, boxes and heating pads.

I was wondering what the measurements were of a newborn puppy was so I can make my adjustable ID bands.

Hi Candy
It sounds as though you’re well prepared for your dog’s litter and that’s wonderful. It will help things go more smoothly.

However, I can’t really help you with these measurements as there are so many possible variations in size, even within a single litter, it’s impossible to guess in advance how big any individual puppy will be. Or how many there will be.

In terms of weight, a newborn Rottweiler pup weighing somewhere around 1 lb could be considered ‘average’, but it’s very difficult to be more exact because there can be such a huge difference between pups.

I would wait until after they’re born to size the ID bands. As a temporary fill-in if you want to ID the pups as they are born, you can use ric-rac binding or even very narrow ribbon in different colors. Then replace the ribbon with the ID bands within the next day or too.

Hope this helps. Best of luck with your dog and her puppies.

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