by Barbi kane

I got lucky when he was only 4 weeks old he was not eating the mother would keep attacking him. He had 3 large seizures and was not sure he was going to make it he could hardly walk would wobble and fall.

I took him home with me and started him on puppy formula and within 4 days he was acting like a normal little puppy. I have 2 other dogs (labs) so this is good for him and he get’s plenty of attention to make up for missing the mother and litter. He’s now off the formula and eating hard food.

We play tug a war and ball. He loves to wake me up at 5AM by sitting at the head of my bed and barking at me.

Sounds as though Lucky truly is a lucky boy. If you want to share photos of him feel free to submit another form with pics attached 🙂

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