Kubra – Our big, brilliant, and loved boy..he’s such a Dube xx

by Lisa
(Renmark, S.A. Australia)

5 Weeks the day he came home

5 Weeks the day he came home

5 Weeks the day he came home

Ready for a drive

What a Good looking boy

Just relaxing in mums hammock

Kubra is our first Rottie, we’ve had many dogs and loved them all. Kub is just over 12mths now and is one BIG boy!

He lives with our other dog, a 10yo staffy x, a cat – 2yo, 3 bids, chooks and fish, all our animals are loved greatly and Kub is now well entrenched in our lives and family.

We have had him since he was 5 weeks old, and hope to have him and be part of the research of dogs to live to 13yo!

He’s very kind, playful, social well behaved, smart and just a big love to everyone, not seen any aggression in him at all…..We love our Kubra.

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