Jill got pups

by Harry


My first post here.

We live in Indonesia and have 2y old dame named Jill, which got pregnant from European big, dark male named Kafu. We got eight pups, but unfortunately one choked on her own vomit.

Pups are now 11 days old and everyone of 7 left has more than doubled their weight to almost 1kg (2 lbs). Jill doesn’t have enough milk so we need to feed formula, which makes it bit more hard to us, but co-operation helps a lot. Now also humans have to do their share and not for wait Jill to take care everything! 🙂

Four of the pups are already spoken for and we didn’t even need to do anything. Kafu’s owner has several rotties and they want 2, close friend said already long time ago that ‘its time for new dog and we take one. I hope we find good homes for others too.

Have spend lot of time in here and like what I see.


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