by Shirl



People often ask “what is she mixed with?”

We have birth papers, AKC registered papers and her parents lineage….all stating that she is full Rottweiler….

what do you think!!!

Shirl – Jenna’s muzzle is quite a bit longer than is normal for a Rottweiler and her markings are larger than average too. It’s difficult to tell from a photograph, but she looks as though she could have some GSD in her. BUT as you have AKC papers and a pedigree then she should be full-blood Rottweiler, even if she doesn’t look exactly like most Rotties. However, occasionally irresponsible and untruthful breeders will give false information to registration bodies in order to register a litter.

If you want to be sure about her genetic heritage there are several different dog DNA tests available right now. You simply take a cheek swab and send it off to the lab and they’ll send you back the results which show which breeds are in your dog’s background. Here’s one to check out… Purebred DNA Test Kit.

Regardless of whether or not she looks exactly like most Rotties, Jenna is a lovely dog and I’m sure she’s much loved and a great companion. Chances are her exact genetic makeup isn’t that important to you, and that’s probably as it should be. Best of luck with her. – Sue from

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