is he done growing and does he look good in your opinion?

by Nathaniel
(Fresno ca)

Ive been told they don’t stop growing till 5 I also heard 2 and 3. Which is correct?

And what do you think his best attribute is looks wise – his head, body, ears, muzzle?

just curious thank you!(:

BY THE WAY HE’S ABOUT 18 months old

Hi Nathaniel
You’ve a great looking pup there! At 18 months he is still an adolescent, generally a Rottweiler will be adult somewhere between 2 and 3 years of age. The biggest males take the longest to mature.

You can see that his body still has some breadth to get, but he’s got great bone substance and structure.

It’s really impossible to judge features accurately from photos like this, especially in a pup who isn’t fully mature. I can’t say what his best feature is, but he is put together very nicely and his head shape and eyes are great – overall a very nice Rottie 🙂

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