Introducing Chloe Von Mac

by JP
(Elk Grove, CA, USA)

Chloe- Born Nov7, 2010

Chloe- Born Nov7, 2010

Chloe- Born Nov7, 2010

Jiovana & Chloe

Chloe and sibling

I grew up with dog’s, my wife never did. I have a 5 year old daughter and I want her to see what it’s like to have a loyal, loving family dog and to not be afraid of dog’s. My father had two Rottweiler’s that past of old age. Now it’s my turn to show my wife and kid how fun Rottweiler’s can be…This is my daughter’s and wife’s first pet.

My daughter loves Chloe and so, do I. She has a great personality and she is very smart. She’s almost 3 months and understands some of her commands. I was looking for a site that was specific to Rottweiler’s. Thanks Sue!


You’re welcome JP 🙂 Those are two beautiful girls you have. I’m sure they are going to be inseparable.

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Feb 24, 2011
by: James – Michigan

Your wife and daughter will be life long Rott lovers

Feb 12, 2011
by: Charlotte

You picked a great breed to show your wife and child how loving dogs can be.. I think they are the most loyal breed.. She is a beautiful dog, im sure she has wiggled her way into your family’s hearts.. As for this site I LOVE IT!!!! I now own my first rott and this site has helped me and Zues (2yr male)with many things, as well as i get to show my beautiful boy off!!!!

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