I have a 7 year old fixed male marking

by Debbie
(plainfield, il)

My 7 year old neutered rottie just started marking in the house, how can I fix this?

Hi Debbie, for a dog to begin marking at this age is unusual, without a ‘trigger’ such as moving into a new home, a new dog entering the current home, or something similar.

It might be worth having your dog examined by your vet to make sure he’s 100% healthy and that there’s not an underlying health problem causing this… sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between marking and urinating, and a UTI or something similar could be to blame.

If he checks out as healthy, then I would recommend supervising him closely and making sure to correct him firmly, but calmly, as soon as he lifts his leg and take him outdoors. Meanwhile to protect your home and furnishings, you could buy some belly-bands and use those for now. They catch the urine and are very effective.

Hope this helps. Good luck. Your boy is beautiful by the way 🙂

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