Hugo Bear – our family pet

by willa

kids couldn't keep away

kids couldn’t keep away

kids couldn't keep away

our wonder dog

my ex brought him home at 6 weeks old. it was a surprise that he’d chosen a dog breed that grows to be huge and i was pretty freaked out. Also because i had dreams of going and getting a mutt from the shelter.

I’m so glad it worked out the way it did, cause now we have Hugo in our lives. We feed him all raw meaty bones/veggie slop and of course treats here and there (mostly treats in the form of the kids leftover dinner scraps).

He comes with us to the kids sports activities and plays (or tries to play – little dogs seem to want to bite his neck all the time cause he’s big and playful) with all the neighborhood dogs. He’s a joy to come home to and still wags his whole behind when he’s happy.

He’ll be 3 in July 2012.

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