Gunther my 6 month old pup

by Lina
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Gunther & Houdini Chilling Out

Gunther & Houdini Chilling Out

Gunther & Houdini Chilling Out

Gunther at 13 weeks

This is Gunther a pedigree German Rottweiler.

His show name is Pocket Rocket Rottbaron.

But to us he is just a family member. He is currently 6 months old. He’s best friend is Houdini the foxy who is 3 years old.

They get along so well even though Houdini is smaller than him, he still calls all the shots….lol

Gunther has a loving nature and is really good with my 23 months old son. He does very well in training, as i am a professional dog trainer by trade. And i am very pleased with the results.

He loves the water and will the first to jump into the lake. He loves meeting new people and get’s on well with other dogs.

My Dogs are my best friends and together we have created the perfect family.

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