Giving a Rottweiler to new owners

by Hind

i’m offered to buy a 6 month rottweiler.

I have a three year old child and a 6 month Labrador. So, is it safe to buy a 6 month rottweiler or not?

Hi Hind
Rottweilers aren’t ‘dangerous dogs’ or generally unsafe to have around children, BUT they do need owners who are familiar with the breed and understand how to raise and train them.

It’s important to know the temperament and personality of this pup you are considering buying, and that he/she has been socialized with children and other dogs. Also, if you want to add another dog to your family it should be of the opposite sex to the one you already have. That way there is less chance of serious conflicts as the pup grows.

I’d recommend checking out the pages on my site that talk about the Rottweiler temperament, how to care for this breed and so on. They will give you a much better idea whether or not you’re in a position to be able to raise this pup. Start with these…

Rottweiler Temperament

Rottweiler Behavior

Are Rottweilers Dangerous?

Hope this helps, best of luck.

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