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I use blue buffalo and as most us know if can be costly. I used to buy it a local feed store but when the price kept going up I called Blue and they suggested a website for home delivery.

I was concerned I did not want food that had been sitting in some warehouse especially since it contained a lot of natural products. They assured me they send deliveries to them weekly so I looked it up and they were much cheaper and carry many other brands and no sales tax in most states. Shipping is free on orders over $49 and customer service 24/7.

You set you delivery schedule and it comes fedex right to the door no more spending gas running to the petstore hoping it’s on sale, they also carry alarge supply of toys, treats,supplies,collars,etc they email you when order is shipped and when things are on sale or specials, I have used them now for over a year and very impressed,especially when I call them at 2am because I forgot to bump up the delivery date.

The website is a

Good info. Thanks 🙂

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