Ezekial “Zeke” Benjamin Bruner

by Ben Bruner

Zeke truly was my best friend. He was by my side for 11 wonderful years. He was in my opinion best dog ever !

Unfortunately on 11/19/2012 I lost him to cancer.

We tried everything in our power to save him, but I guess god needed him at the rainbow bridge.

He was Daddy’s Bubby, and Momma’s Papa Bear.

Ben – so sorry to hear that you lost your beloved Zeke, I know how heartbreaking that is and that there will be a big empty space in your heart right now. It will get better but takes time.

He was a gorgeous boy and being a Rottie I’m sure he was as beautiful inside as he was out.

Thanks for sharing Zeke’s photo with me and all the visitors to my site. Condolences on your loss – Sue

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