Dry shampoo for post surgery

I went to pet our 8 yr old Rot on the head and she cried out in pain, then started limping and holding up her left leg.

Took her to vet, she had a compressed disc C5 and C6 pressing on her spinal cord and hitting a nerve. She had surgery the following day and is now home recuperating. She has to remain crated for 6 weeks, other than going outside, on a harness, 4 times per day for bathroom.

Her water and food bowls must be elevated.
Wanting to get that hospital smell off her. Do you have a recommendation for a dry shampoo? She does have sensitive skin.

Hi. So sorry to hear that your girl has had to go through this surgery but glad to know that she’s in the recovery period.

For sensitive skin you want something as natural as possible without scents, chemicals and so on.

Dry shampoo for dogs isn’t something I’ve used, but Burt’s Bees (a brand I trust for humans as well as dogs!) have a waterless shampoo that you spray on and wash out…. Burt’s Bees for Dogs Waterless Shampoo

I like doggie wet wipes, these ones are very gentle and contain natural ingredients.. Earthbath All Natural Green Tea Leaf Grooming Wipes

There are several other similar products to choose from but hopefully this points you in the right direction.

I wish you both the very best of luck and hope your Rottie makes a full, and speedy, recovery.
~ Sue

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