dog tag tip

by Cheryl & Max
(Desert Hot Springs,CA)

Everyone puts there pets name on the tag, apparently not a good idea! It was passed along to me from a friend that runs pet cremations.

When I told her I need to replace my dog’s name tag because he lost his collar, it was strongly recommended to never put the pet’s name because if they are found and called by their name, your pet feels now feels safe with that person, after all they are like little kids just in a furry suit.

That person may decided to keep them, especially if they look purebred,they could sell them, after all the dog comes to them because they know their name, so I changed both dogs tags to read my name, number, needs meds.

If they really wanted to push the issue they could take the dog to see if it is chipped, ask for the chip number, claiming they just got this dog and the original owner could not longer find the paperwork for the chip ID, and send in all the info that they just purchased this dog and need to change ownership.

Thanks for the tips Cheryl. It’s scary to think that people can be so wily and dishonest 🙁

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