Chippy is a ‘she’ Susan :)

by himanshu Mehta
(Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.)

Is there an email id where I can send you more photographs of her? She will be 8 months old on the 15th. The vet says she is alright and we even came close to winning a Rottweiler speciality show in February but for our inept handling 🙂

Hi Himanshu
Ooops, sorry… then she’s a very impressive looking girl!

I’ll email you and you can email me back with photos if you’d like. Bear in mind though that I’m not a vet, or a judge, just a Rottie lover and owner :o)

As Chippy has an all-clear from the vet there shouldn’t be anything structurally wrong with her pasterns, but most vets aren’t personally familiar with the Rottweiler breed standard and can’t say whether or not the conformation of a pup is correct – just whether they’re structurally sound and healthy.

Good for you and Chippy for coming close to a show win, I’m sure your handling will improve with practice, and Chippy will also grow into her full beauty as she matures.

I’ll get in touch. Enjoy your pup.

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