Can a confined and abused dog become a guard dog?

by Debbie

Charlie w her Dad and Shabba

Charlie w her Dad and Shabba

We adopted Charlie about 3 months ago. No one is sure of her age, they estimate 8. She had been kept in a confined space and used for breeding.

When she got spayed the Vet was very unhappy with her insides and her nipples are all stretched out. She had an abscess on her face and was left for dead by previous owner. She has quite a bit of fur missing from the concrete, she was underweight, eye infection, skin allergies, warts and skin growths, had bad dreams , no social skills cries at all dogs and was afraid of the broom.

In the last 3 months the dreams have stopped she is now at 80lbs, her fur had started growing and some of the patches have filled in. We’re treating her eyes and I try walking her but she is very strong and keeps trying to play with other dogs which upsets the owners who think she is going to attack them. I have to work with her on how to walk after the baby comes. She’s very happy and playful now. When she first came she didn’t know how to play or understand affection.

She’s now actually very spoilt (our fault) always wants attention, loves her cushioned sun house has two excellent meals a day and is really coming into her own. I have noticed that like our mastiff that if ‘im gone for too long she now comes to check to see if I’m ok. However, when the others are barking she doesn’t even move or goes back to sleep.

If she won’t be a guard dog I’m happy for her to just enjoy the remainder of her life sunning, eating treats, chasing crabs at the beach and being spoilt as she deserves it and we do have other dogs. But I was curious if based on her history and current progress if there is any potential.

P.S. Currently anyone can walk in the gate she will watch them but she won’t do anything.

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