Biting ankles…

Have a 15 wk old rottie puppy..and she comes when called , very friendly..loves everybody etc…

When I go to leave her exercise pen she wants to bite my ankles, hands..whatever she can get…If you scold her she jumps back barking and then tries to grab again…we’ve been doing this for some time..

I’ve tried everything…including the muzzle grab, bitter apple…which she doesn’t like, but you turn to leave and she goes to grabbing…Had rotties all my life for thirty years and never have one not learn and stop with the biting…Any suggestions would be appreciated ..

Thank you !

Hi Michelle, it sounds as though you have a little girl who’s pretty stubborn, and determined not to lose your company! From what you say, you’re doing everything right, she just doesn’t want to stop nipping.

Did you try the breath-mint spray on her tongue, or a water-spray bottle to give her a little shot of water on the muzzle when she nips?

Some pups and dogs respond better to this type of correction because it’s more ‘distant’ and less emotional than the muzzle-wrap.

Really the only things I can suggest are a) to keep working on this, your willpower needs to be stronger than hers! and b) enroll her in a basic obedience class and get some training and bonding under your belt. Hands-on help in this type of situation is the best option.

Hope this helps a little. Good luck with your pup, hang in there, this stage will pass eventually!

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