Big Bear! 185 pound of pure LOVE!!!!!

by Amanda Rogenski
(New Middletown Ohio)

laying around!

laying around!

So my husband and i were talking about getting a dog… so one day at work a guy had came to him and was asking if he knew of anyone who would love to take and care for a rottie… so he came home and asked if i wanted him.

of course i was so excited.. So i was thinking i was getting a puppy. so when he came home in a box truck i saw him open up the back of the truck and saw nothing but a dust cloud. (kinda like the ones you see in movies) this dog came out of the back of the truck making it move and bounce all over. then i realized no puppy but one huge dog… i turned around and saw this dog coming at me…

i opened the house door and he came in a and sat in front of the door and licked my entire face i was so shocked i sat down on the floor next to him and he decides to sit right on my lap… ever since the day he had came in to my life he has made me the happiest lady ever!

now with us having two children he is the best and most patient dog ever with them. he rides them around the house like he is a horse… and now with him being 10 years old he still acts like a puppy…. to this day he still loves to sit on my lap! 🙂

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