Bella, the super-sweet love-muffin

by Raven
(Rosendale, NY, USA)

Bella the cuddle muffin

Bella the cuddle muffin

Bella is our awesomely sweet Rottweiler pup. I have owned Rotties before, and they all have been big, sweet lap dogs. But Bella is really the sweetest love-muffin of all time.

I guess I’m a bit biased, since I’m totally in love with this puppy. I completely encourage Bella to become my 100 pound lap warmer! Her and my 9 year old son are best buddies, too. She never growls or guards her toys or chews our stuff. She does walk around with her teddy bear in her mouth begging to be cuddled (which, as I said, I totally encourage to the dismay of some who think big dogs should stay off the furniture).

I say my couch is not as important as my need to cuddle. Life is short–furniture is temporary–love is forever.

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