Athena’s eye problem

by Joe Livingston
(Bryson City NC)

My 2 year old rescue has developed sclerosis in her eyes. We have been treating her with very expensive medications and drops.

My vet has told us that this is very rare and is a life-long condition. She is doing better now, her eyes are nearly clear, but the expense (nearly $1500), is a little much to bear.

We are hoping that the remission she is now experiencing will continue.

Anybody had a similar experience?

Hi Joe, I’m sorry to hear about Athena’s problem. I can imagine this must be distressing as well as expensive.

As far as I know sclerosis is what eventually develops into cataracts, and while common in middle aged to senior dogs, it’s unusual in young dogs.

I’m afraid I have no personal experience with this, and as I’m not a veterinarian I can’t really offer any help/suggestions I’m afraid.

It’s worth asking here though, because other Rottie owners may have been through something similar. Good luck, I hope her remission holds!

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